Publishing Services


Brown Reflection is a full service publisher that can help you create and produce your book.

Includes an examination of the writer’s text looking for spelling errors, punctuation errors, typos and other obvious mistakes. – $2.00 a page

Basic Editing
Includes addressing syntax and word choice and make recommendations for improving the overall readability of the work. This service entails finding and correcting errors and issues with organization, transitions, readability, conciseness, appropriateness of style and tone in regard to your audience, sentence structure (e.g. fragments and run-ons), and paragraph structure – $4.00 per page.

Content Editing
This service is available to help a writer with the development of their story. It includes development of story structure, character development, point of view errors, and other content to help develop your story into something exciting that readers will enjoy. – Contact us to discuss price.

Total Book Package
Includes basic editing, proof-reading, cover design, formatting, copyright, and distribution. We will take your manuscript and deliver you a completed book. – $1600.00