About Karen Sloan-Brown

81PdHXdwlRL._UX250_Dr. Karen Sloan-Brown is the author of several books, the non-fiction “A Reflection: What a Difference a Day Makes, What About 100 Years?” and “Educating the Nation on a Shrinking Budget,” and three novels, “The Fortunes of Blues and Blessing,” “Searching for Everland,” and “A New Season: The Fortunes of Blues and Blessings Book II.”

She grew up in Philadelphia, the daughter of an activist in the Civil Rights Movement from whom she inherited her passion for writing. A scientist with a love for history Karen earned her Bachelor of Chemistry, Master of Education, and Doctorate of Education degree at Tennessee State University.

Karen started Brown Reflections Publishing as a way to be able to produce her own written work. Her company has grown to become a publishing house, allowing other up and coming authors the opportunity to see their words in print.

She is currently the Research Lab Coordinator of the Molecular Biology Core Facility at Meharry Medical College.  Karen lives with her husband and daughters in Nashville, Tennessee.